Santa Clara University



Undergraduate Courses

AMTH 106. Differential Equations

First-order linear differential equations, systems of linear differential equations, homogeneous systems of linear differential equations with constant coefficients, the Laplace transform, the solution of differential equations by Laplace transform. Prerequisite: MATH 14. (4 units)

AMTH 108. Probability and Statistics

Definitions of probability, sets, sample spaces, conditional and total probability, random variables, distributions, functions of random variables, sampling, estimation of parameters, testing hypotheses. Prerequisite: MATH 14. (4 units)

AMTH 118. Numerical Methods

Numerical solution of algebraic and transcendental equations, finite differences, numerical differentiation and integration, and solution of ordinary differential equations. Solution of representative problems on the digital computer. Prerequisites: AMTH 106 or MATH 22, and COEN 44 or 45. (4 units)

AMTH 120. Engineering Mathematics

Review of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and Laplace transform, vector calculus, linear algebra, orthogonal functions and Fourier Series, partial differential equations (PDEs), and introduction to numerical solutions of ODEs. Cross listed with MECH 120. Prerequisites: AMTH 106 and COEN 45. (4 units)