Santa Clara University


How to make an appointment with Dr. Zhang via SCU Gmail Calendar

To make an appointment with Dr. Zhang, please use SCU Gmail Calendar:

1. Log into your SCU Gmail account, open Google Calendar, choose the date, time you prefer and create an entry.

2. Click "Edit Event."

3. On the right side, under "Add - Guest," enter my email address:

4. Now go to the left side of the page, next to "Event Detail," click "Find Time." You can see my calendar!

If there is no conflict with my schedule, click the big red "Save." I will receive an email notification about your request. I can choose accept, our appointment will automatically register into my calendar with alarm. I can decline, then you will get email feedback and you can choose another time. I have an open-door policy. In general, I would like to meet undergraduate students in my office between 11 AM and 5 PM Monday-Friday. No limits for graduate students.


Jonathan Zhang