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Bioengineering Applications in Performing Arts and Entertainment Industry Conference (BAIPAEIC) & XIX Pacific Voice Conference (PVC): Safety, Efficiency & Health on Stage

The Division of Bioengineering of Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering (, together with Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation ( of San Francisco, CA, announces Bioengineering Applications in Performing Arts and Entertainment Industry Conference: Safety on Stage (BAIPAEIC) to be held April 22-23, 2011 at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, USA. This conference is held together with the XIX Annual Pacific Voice Conference. (


This conference covers a broad spectrum of areas related to bioengineering and intelligent solutions for the performing artists and entertainment industry. Specifically BAIPAEIC focuses on how bioengineering and biotechnology can serve the performing artists to assure health, efficiency and performance safety, and how bioengineering can assist performing art industry at large.


  • To provide State–of–the–Art information on applications of bioengineering technology to the fields of the performing arts and the entertainment industry.
  • To incorporate bioengineering principals into care, treatment and prevention of injuries of the performing artist.
  • To introduce bioengineering principles to modeling of complex sensory-motor interactions produced by the performing artist, with the specific goal of improving performance safety, efficacy and to enhance ergonomic interaction with instruments and performance environment.
  • To discuss performance monitoring, evaluating and acquisition of performance skills using advanced bioengineering technology.
  • To establish global Centers of Excellence for BAIPAEIC.


Deadline for abstracts/proposals: January 30, 2011.

Other Important Dates

Notification of acceptance: December 31, 2010
Final version of accepted paper: February 1, 2011

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