Santa Clara University

Abstracts Submitted


Anna Barney - Applications of Numerical & Mechanical Modeling in the Study of Voice

Claudia Manfredi, Alfonso Giordano, Jean Schoentgen, Samia Fraj, Leonardo Bocchi, Phillipe Dejonckere - The Effect of Noise on the Reliability of Voice Analysis Software Tools for Highly Irregular Signals

Claudia Manfredi, Alfonso Giordano, Leonardo Bocchi, Phillipe Dejonckere - A New Tool for the Analysis of Irregular Noisy Signals in Running Speech

Cristina Cuomo, Fabio Burigana - Improve Vitality of Vocal Apparatus with Nutripuncture

Erkki Bianco - Individual Harmonic Listening in Spectral Sounds of the Voice

Franco Fussi, Nico Paolo Paolillo - The Vocal Score Profile/Vocal Range Profile Rate and APM in Artistic Voice Evaluation: Application Tested on Opera and Musical Singers

Grace Johnson - Psychological Safety for Singers

Grazyna Demenko, Magdalena Jastrzebska - Acoustic Protocol for the Disturbed Speech Signal

Krzysztof Izdebski - Phonetotopic Organization of Phonation: Evidence from Electrophysiology, Aerodynamics, Acoustics and Kinestetics

Krzysztof Izdebski, Yuling Yan - Detecting Vocal Overpressure from Acoustic Signals using Nyquist Plot Display

Kwang Sung - The Laryngologist and the Voice

Lee Strawn - Correcting Vocal Faults in the Singing Studio: One Teacher's Perspective

Matthew Lutch - Office Vocal Cord Injections Applying Bioengineered Products to Classic Laryngologic Problems

Mette Pedersen - What Voice Clinicians Need from bioengineers

Patrick Gannon - A Brain-Based Peak Performance Model using Meditation, EMDR and Cardio Imagery and Rehearsal

Patrick Veret, Fabio Burigana, Cristina Cuomo - An Informational Approach to Voice Tuning

Philippe Goudard, Sandy Sun, HorsLesMurs - Bioengineering of the Circus Performer: The Art and Science of Trapeze Performance

Raul Cruz - Managing the Professional Voice User with Chronic Dysphonia: Lessons from my Rock Star

Ronald Ward - Objective Testing of Laryngeal Reflexes

Thomas Murry - Laryngeal Biomechanics Analyzed from High Speed Digital Imaging

Thomas Murry - The Voice Pathologist and the Voice Patient

Tracey Baldwin - Biofeedback for the Singer; What and Why?