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3. SCU BIOE - SCU established Bioengineering Program in 2006, which has grown since its conception from a few students to nearly 100 students by the Fall of 2010. Bioengineering Program provides an innovative academic curriculum and links to many industries including local Silicon Valley software and hardware industry. As part of our educational mission we go beyond the classroom and we organize continuing education to provide a forum for national and international collegial exchange for new ideas and products. To acheive this goal for 2011, we have linked our efforts with PVSF to create this unique topic focused State-of-the-Art interdisciplinary conference. PVSF has 20 years of experience of organizing the most after-sought continuing interdisciplinary education in form of thematically organized conferences. Through its activity PVSF provided continuing education to over 4000 individuals from 37 countries and from all continents. We trust that this unique interdisciplinary conference on Bioengineering and Entertainment Industry will appeal to you, and that we will be privileged having you to be a part of this growing community of dedicated experts dedicated to enhancement of science and technology applications to the performing art industry.