Santa Clara University

PowerPoint Presentations


Alfonso Gianluca Gucciardo - Haptics, Touching & Contacting in Performing Arts Medicine to improve safety of artists on stage

Anna Barney - Applications of Numerical & Mechanical Modeling in the Study of Voice

C. Manfredi, A. Giordano, J. Schoentgen, S. Fraj, L. Bocchi, P. H. Dejonckere - The Effect of Noise on the Reliability of Voice Analysis Software Tools for Highly Irregular Signals

Doug Martin - Anesthesia and your Voice

Enrico Di Lorenzo - Heavy Metal Singing

Franco Fussi, Nico Paolo Paolillo - The Vocal Score Profile/Vocal Range Profile Rate and APM in Artistic Voice Evaluation: Application Tested on Opera and Musical Singers

Grażyna Demenko, Magdalena Jastrzębska - Acoustic Protocol for Disturbed Speech Signals

Janet Feindel - Special Issues Related to Healthy Voice Usage for Actors in the Theater

Jonathan Ang - Characterization and Rudimentary Fingerprinting of Acoustic Voice Samples using Nyquist Plots

Krzysztof Izdebski - Phonetotopic Organization of Phonation Evidence from Electrophysiology, Aerodynamics, Acoustics and Kinestetics

Matthew Lutch - Office Vocal Cord Injections: Applying Bioengineered Products to Classic Laryngologic Problems

Mette Pedersen - High-Speed Imaging of Vocalizations in Performing Artists: Implications for Vocal Fatigue and for Vocal Cost

Mette Pedersen - What Voice Clinicians Need from Bioengineers

Patrick Gannon - A Brain-Based Peak Performance Model Using Meditation, EMDR & Cardio Imagery & Rehearsal

Patrick Veret, Fabio Burigana, Cristina Cuomo - Nutripuncture An Informational Approach to Voice Tuning

Tracey Baldwin - Biofeedback: What and Why?