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Department Phonebook Listing

Please note that this information comes directly from the campus phonebook. For privacy reasons, faculty may choose not to display their phone numbers or e-mail addresses, in which case the department administrative assistant should be contacted.

Name Phone Email
Ling, Dr. Nam
Chair and Professor
408-554-4794 contact form
Amer, Dr. Ahmed
Associate Professor
408-551-6064 contact form
Amouzgar, Dr. Moe
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
408-551-3429 contact form
Atkinson, Dr. Darren
Associate Professor
408-554-4499 contact form
Danielson, Dr. Ronald L
Associate Professor
408-554-6813 contact form
Davis, Dr. Ruth
408-554-4358 contact form
Fang, Dr. Yi
Assistant Professor
408-554-6961 contact form
Figueira, Dr. Silvia
Associate Professor
408-554-4105 contact form
Grover, Dr. Radhika
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
408-554-4488 contact form
Holliday, Dr. JoAnne
Associate Professor
408-551-1941 contact form
Lewis, Dr. Daniel W
Associate Professor
408-554-4449 contact form
Mikkilineni, Dr. Rani
408-554-4927 contact form
Pantoja, Dr. Maria
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
408-554-2730 contact form
Potika, Dr. Katerina
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
408-551-3336 contact form
Roberts, Apryl
Administrative Assistant
408-554-6805 contact form
Shang, Dr. Weijia
Associate Professor
408-554-6995 contact form
Wang, Dr. Yuan
Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer
408-551-3026 contact form
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