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Fall 2013: Graduate Engineering, School of Engineering
Subject Computer Engineering
Course COEN 207
Title SoC (Sys on Chip) Verif
Units (min/max) 2.00/2.00
Description A typical SoC costs tens of millions of dollars and involves tens of engineers in various geographical locations. It also incorporates a large number of Heterogeneous IP (Intellectual Property) cores. A single error may dictate a Fab spin of over a million dollar, and typically costs much more by delaying TTM (Time-To-Market). Therefore, SoC Verification is a major challenge that needs to be mastered by Design Engineers. This course presents various state-of-the-art verification techniques used to ensure thorough testing of the SoC design. Both Logical and Physical verification techniques will be covered. Also, the use of Simulation, Emulation, Assertion-based Verification, and Hardware/Software Co-Verification techniques will be discussed. (Also listed as ELEN 613.) Prerequisites: COEN 200 and COEN 303 or equivalent.
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Term Class Instructor(s) Meeting Days Meeting Times Location
Fall 2013 93059 El-Ziq,Yacoub M S
08:30 AM-05:15 PM
ENGR 326

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