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Fall 2013: Graduate Engineering, School of Engineering
Subject Computer Engineering
Course COEN 389
Title Energy Efficient Computing
Units (min/max) 2.00/2.00
Description This course covers energy-efficient software practices. Historically, software has always been written to run faster and faster, and energy has always been considered a plentiful resource. However, it has been shown that computers use a lot of energy, which may not always be so plentiful, leading to the redesign of traditional software solutions in different areas. The focus of the course will be on operating systems, networks, compilers, and programming. Prerequisites: COEN 233 or equivalent and COEN 283 or equivalent.
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Term Class Instructor(s) Meeting Days Meeting Times Location
Fall 2013 93080 Figueira,Silvia Maria B W
05:10 PM-07:00 PM
ENGR 602

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