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Summer 2014: Graduate Engineering, School of Engineering
Subject Computer Engineering
Course COEN 210
Title Computer Architecture
Units (min/max) 4.00/4.00
Description Overview of computer structure and behavior. Register machine intructions and addressing: data types and storage organization, instruction format and sequencing, addressing modes, intruction sets. Processing unit. Instruction cycle. Pipelining. Control unit: hard-wired control unit, microprogrammed control unit. Micropragramming. Bit-slice devices. Input-output organization: interfacing, interrupts, direct memory access. Buses. Computer arithmetic: ALU design, arithmetic and branching conditions, multiplier design, floating-point numbers and operations. Memory: memory hierarchies, memory system considerations, memory interleaving, cache memories, virtual memories. RISC.
Term Class Instructor(s) Meeting Days Meeting Times Location
Summer 2014 98497 TBA

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