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Intern-Santa Clara Water Company

Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013

The Watersheds Division at the Santa Clara Valley Water District is looking for a part-time intern to assist and play a key role in implementing a web-based flood warning system throughout Silicon Valley. Please forward your Resume plus any relevant info to no later than January 31, 2014.

Pay: $18.17/hr - $25.68/hr
Hours: Approximately 20 hours a week, Monday thru Friday during normal business hours for six months to a year.


  • Background: Computer Science, GIS, Web, Geography, Civil Engineering
  • Programming Skills: Javascript, Python, PHP
  • Optional Database Experience: MySQL, PostgreSQL

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is responsible for 10 dams and reservoirs, as well as 275 miles of rivers and streams for the county’s 1.8 million residents. As a result of intense urbanization and climate change effects, some of the streams are prone to severe flooding during large rainfall events, causing property damage and posing a hazard to human life.

The goal of the flood warning project is to use modern weather forecasting, in conjunction with multiple telemetry stations, plus engineering computer models and simulations, to predict flooding. Residents can sign up to be notified via e-mail or text, and emergency responders can better plan for natural disasters.

An integral part of the project is to display all this information in a coherent and meaningful way on a web-based application that can accessed by the public. The District is seeking an intern who is self motivated to learn the existing data systems and connect it to a web application. In addition, the intern would work to improve functionality and overall aesthetics for the web application, while coordinating between different internal and external parties. He/she would work closely with District staff to implement the project.

The ideal candidate would understand database systems and be able to use their web programming skills to complete the task. A GIS and water resources engineering is preferred, but not required. This is a perfect opportunity to gain valuable work experience, as well as to work on a trail-blazing project within the water resources field that can directly affect people in a positive way.

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