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Front-End Web Designer

Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014



Dear perspective team member,


The Business school is now recruiting a web designer. The initial work schedule will be conducted on an “as needed basis” and addressed in a timely manner at your discretion.  The department is time-flexible and are very happy to work with you.  Additionally, there is the possibility to earn course credit by participating in this project. 


This team member will be expected to have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Ensure cross browser and platform compatibility for developed features
  • Strong working knowledge of HTML 4/5, JavaScript, and CSS 3
  • Experience with web development and UX
  • Update and maintain documentation in an organized manner
  • jQuery, AJAX, and JSON experience
  • Understanding of OO concepts in JavaScript context
  • Understanding of DOM and DOM Event Models


Below we have provided you with a priority scale for each area. 





3 - They should have a good understanding of this skill


5 - It’s okay if they don’t know this


HOW I PRIORITIZE THE SKILLS (sorted most important to least):

Cross browser and platform                1

HTML/JavaScript/CSS                                   1

jQuery                                                             2

Documentation                                               2

AJAX                                                              2

Understanding OO                                         2

Experience in dev. and UX                3

JSON                                                              4

Understanding DOM                         


  Please send a copy of your resume to Andrew Gaddis, Team Lead at

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