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Technology For Impact Fellowship

Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

The Technology For Impact Fellowship provides students and recent graduates with an opportunity to take ownership for a technology initiative to directly impact the growth of a highly successful non-profit. Between four and six fellows will be selected for two projects requiring varying skill sets and experience for the Summer of 2014. Fellows will have access to industry executives and seasoned experts in the project's field for mentoring and networking. Fellows may have a full-time position during the fellowship, and work on the project in the evenings and/or on weekends if they choose.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this fellowship is to encourage students and recent graduates who want to explore and prepare for a career in technology to consider how the interests of technology and social impact relate. The ultimate goal is to inspire future innovation for social good throughout their career. TFI Fellows can include projects in their professional repertoire as well as the distinction of the fellowship title. This fellowship is currently a volunteer position and the projects are selected based on a benefit that an organization wouldn’t normally be able to accomplish.

ELIGIBILITY: Fellows must be a current student, applying to grad school in the next 2 years, or be a recent graduate within two years of graduation (A member of the graduating class of 2012, 2013 or 2014). Applicants are encouraged from any field of study and from a wide variety of technology experiences. We understand that the most ambitious students seek out every opportunity they can to boost their experience, therefore we structure the projects and planning to work around a fulltime work schedule.


FSD's staff is severely limited by the manual processes when accepting applications, coordinating with field teams and collecting information. The focus of this project is to identify bottle necks in the process and create a fully automated system in Salesforce for the staff in San Francisco and a place for field teams to interact with the system with limited access to internet and little technology experience.

The fellowship team will design and develop the web layout for applicant profiles after they submit an application. This will be in the form of user profiles where applicants can change application information, access information pertinent to their program and report back on the progress if accepted.  The fellowship team will also be responsible for creating a very simple web form that can be understood by field teams with limited access to technology to automate the process of uploading information on sustainability projects into Salesforce.


Village Enterprise has focused their efforts on Kenya and Uganda to impact people living in under the extreme poverty line ($1.25/day). The geographic significance is hard to picture for donors, volunteers and partners 8,000 miles away here in the United States. The solution is to integrate an interactive map of Kenya and Uganda onto Village Enterprise's website, so that visitors can explore the work they do and familiarize themselves with the local business mentor on each dot displayed on the map.

Village Enterprise currently uses a mobile application that integrates with the cloud to store collected information on each business and program they support. Currently they have a WordPress website. The data first needs to be taken off of their internal database, where it can be pulled out in CSV files, and added to a WordPress database. The fellowship team will create a new database in WordPress that can link directly to the mobile application in the field used to collect information. The fellowship team will also be responsible for the integration of the map onto the website, and creating the process of keeping the map updated by Village Enterprise staff and field teams.


Interested students with experience in any of the following may apply here:!fellowship-application/c22uq 

  • Web Development
  • Salesforce Development
  • Web Design
  • Database Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis


Details may be found at our website

Students can reach out directly as well by calling our main line (650) 731-2834 or emailing us at


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