Santa Clara University


Research Grants

The following is a partial list of recent grants received by the department faculty:

January, 2009

Dan Lewis and Silvia Figueira have received a 5-year NSF S-STEM (Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) grant totaling $597,781 providing $10K/year for four years to five COEN students entering SCU in 2009, 13 in 2010, 2011, 2012, and eight in 2013.

June, 2008

Ruth Davis received a TSC grant in the amount of $3,101 to purchase 94 copies of Inspiration concept map software to support work on NSF CCLI grant project, Pathways to Meaningful Learning. The software will be installed on 42 laptops in engineering, 32 systems in the multimedia lab in the Learning Commons, and on 20 systems in the computer lab in the biology department.

March, 2008

Weijia Shang received an IBM Research Grant in the amount of $6,000 for her project on “Stack Reduction of Recursive Functions.”

Darren Atkinson has received an IBM Research Grant in the amount of $3,025 for his project on “Smarter Inlining: Improving the Quality of Compiler Inlining Heuristics.”

October, 2007

Weijia Shang has been awarded a School of Engineering Research Grant of $5,814 for “An Optimal Media Distribution Algorithm in IPTV and Level Parallelism for Multi-Core Processors.” The funding will be used to support a graduate student.

Thomas Schwarz and JoAnne Holliday have received $6,051 as part of a School of Engineering Research Grant on “Trace Driven Evaluation of P2P Storage Systems.”

Silvia Figueira has been awarded $11,546 for “Resource Co-Allocation using Advance Reservations with Flexible Time-Windows.” This is part of School of Engineering Research Grant that will be used to fund student assistants.

Darren Atkinson has been awarded a School of Engineering Research Grant of $2,984 for “Hypertext Visualization and Navigation of Large Data Repositories.”  The grant will be used to support a graduate student.

JoAnne Holliday and Sarah Kate Wilson (Electrical Engineering) have received a grant of $4,476 from the Center for Science Technology and Society for “Design of Agile Base Stations.”

September, 2007

Nam Ling has received a $70,000 award from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. to support “A Statistical Motion Vector Coding Model.”  Funding is included to support a graduate student research assistant.

February, 2007

Dan Lewis has received a three-year award from the National Science Foundation that provides $102,209 to support “An Innovative Approach for Attracting Students to Computing: A Comprehensive Proposal.” The proposed approach will take advantage of students’ high level of interest in media and animation, and will use innovative technology to introduce high school students to programming.

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