Santa Clara University


Graduate Student Research


Ph.D. Theses

  • An Efficient IPB-Picture Transcoder with Joint Pixel and Transform Domain Processing
    Maria Pantoja
    Advisor: N. Ling
  • Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks
    Ping Ding
    Advisor: J. Holliday
  • Improved Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF) For Scalable Video Coding
    Fengling Li
    Advisor: N. Ling
  • Adaptive Rate Control for Advanced Video Coding
    Minqiang Jiang
    Advisor: N. Ling
  • SuperNetworking the MetaComputer: Enabling Guaranteed Bandwidth through Deterministic and Efficient Provisioning
    Sumit Naiksatam
    Advisor: S. Figueira
  • Simplified and Fast Full-Pel and Sub-Pel Motion Estimation for Video Coding
    Xiaoqian Li
    Advisor: N. Ling
  • Processing and Storage Models for MPEG-2 Main Level and High Level Video Decoding — A Block-Level Pipeline Approach
    Nien-Tsu Wang
    Advisor: N. Ling
  • Storage, Retrieval and Processing of Video
    Radhika S. Grover
    Advisor: Q. Li
  • Generation of Optimized Facial Animation Parameters
    Gunnar Hovden
    Advisor: N. Ling
  • Optimization of Queueing Performance and Design Variables in a Single-Bus Shared-Memory System — with Application to MPEG-2 Video Decoder System
    Jui-Hua Li
    Advisor: J. Holliday
  • Directional Morphological Gradient Edge Detector
    Gongyuan Qu
    Advisor: S. Wood

Master's Theses

  • Augmenting Digital Libraries Using Web-Based Visualizations
    Peter Bergström
    Advisor: D. Atkinson
  • Data Dissemination in the Wireless Network — Satellite Based Data Centric Clouds Formation Algorithm
    Shruthi M. Koundinya
    Advisor: J. Holliday
  • A Critical Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Learning and Replacement Schemes
    Philippe Huibonhoa
    Advisor: J. Holliday
  • Data Redundancy Schemes for Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Storage
    Chris Williams
    Advisor: J. Holliday
  • Multimedia-Aware Congestion Control
    Thomas Kitman Yan
    Advisor: H. P. Dommel
  • Finding Refactorings Using Lightweight Code Analysis
    Todd J. H. King
    Advisor: D. Atkinson
  • Process Modeling Language Design and Model Verification
    Daniel Charles Weeks
    Advisor: D. Atkinson
  • Extending Internet Access Beyond Single-Hop 802.11 WLANs: Making M-Commerce Transactions Feasible
    Bindumadhavi Ramavarjula
    Advisor: J. Holliday
  • Ethics Evaluation System
    Omkar Arvind Nimbalkar
    Advisor: N. Quinn
  • Dynamically Adapting Binomial Trees for Broadcasting in Heterogeneous Networks
    Christine Jane Mendes
    Advisor: S. Figueira
  • P2LM: Packet-Pair Accumulative Layered Multicast Congestion Control Protocol for Multimedia
    Minzhen Yang
    Advisor: N. Ling
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