Santa Clara University

Courses in Computer Engineering

Cross-Listed and Co-Located Courses


Cross-Listed Courses

An undergraduate course is cross-listed when the material covered in the course overlaps with more than one department. The following undergraduate courses are cross-listed:

  • COEN 19 and MATH 51
  • COEN 21 and ELEN 21
  • COEN 127 and ELEN 127
  • COEN 165 and ARTS 173
  • COEN 179 and CSCI 163

Computer Science & Engineering (and Web Design & Engineering) majors should always register for the COEN cross-listed course. Failure to do so will result in errors in your degree audit. If a COEN course is listed as closed, but the cross-listed course is listed as open, contact your academic advisor. An instructor of a cross-listed course should apply a consistent grading standard to all students regardless of course section.

Co-Located Courses

Undergraduate and graduate courses in the same department are not cross-listed, but rather are co-located. The following undergraduate and graduate courses are co-located:

  • COEN 145 and COEN 319
  • COEN 148 and COEN 290
  • COEN 152 and COEN 252
  • COEN 160 and COEN 275
  • COEN 166 and COEN 266
  • COEN 168 and COEN 268

Undergraduate students who wish to receive graduate credit for a co-located course must register for the graduate course number, which requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 and completion of a Petition to Take Graduate Course form. An instructor of a co-located course may, at his or her discretion, apply different but consistent grading standards based on whether the course is taken for undergraduate or graduate credit.

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