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ELEN 105 Electromagnetics II
In-depth study of several areas of electromagnetics such as device parasitics, matching circuits, Poisson equation solutions, antennas and antenna arrays, wave-particle duality, and transients in transmission lines. Prerequisite: ELEN 104. (5 units)

ELEN 115 Electronic Circuits I
Study of basic principles of operation, terminal characteristics, and equivalent circuit models for diodes and transistors. Analysis and design of diode circuits, transistor amplifiers, and inverter circuits. (Undergraduate core course.) Prerequisite: ELEN 50. (5 units)

ELEN 144 RF and Microwave Components
The fundamental characteristics of passive and active electrical components. Parasitics, models, and measurements. Modeling of circuit interconnect wiring as transmission lines. Study of crosstalk and other noises in high-speed digital circuits. Use of state-of-the-art CAD tools. Prerequisite: ELEN 105. (5 units)

ELEN 254 Advanced Analog Integrated Circuit
Design architecture and design of sample and hold amplifiers, analog to digital, and digital to analog converters. Design of continuous time and switched capacitor filters.

ELEN 351 RF Integrated Circuit Design
Introduction to RF terminology, technology tradeoffs in RFIC design. Architecture and design of radio receivers and transmitters. Low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, and frequency synthesizers.

ELEN 354 Advanced RFIC Design
Design and analysis of passive circuits (filters, splitters, and couplers), Gilbert cell mixers, low phase noise VCOs, frequency translators, and amplifiers. Advanced simulation methods, such as envelope and time domain simulations. Class project designed to meet specifications, design rules, and device models of RFIC foundry.

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