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Talal Al-Attar, Ph.D.

Talal Al-Attar Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering
Office: EC 231
Phone: 408-554-4173
Fax: 408-554-5474
Education: Ph.D., 2005 Stanford University
M.S., 1997 Kuwait University
B.S., 1995 Kuwait University


Dr. Talal Al-Attar has over 10 years in teaching experience in Electrical Engineering between Kuwait University, Stanford University and Santa Clara University. He received the B.S., M.S. from Kuwait University and his Ph.D degree from Stanford University. His doctoral work focused on IMPATT modeling at millimeter-wave range, on-chip integration of microstrip patch antennas and transmission lines in standard CMOS Technology.

He worked as a senior design and device engineer at Volterra Semiconductor [2004 - 2007], and a senior member of consulting staff at Sabio Labs [2007]. Dr. Al-Attar joined Magma Design Automation in 2008 when it acquired Sabio Labs. He joined SCU in 2006 as an adjunct professor, then lecturer, and finally as a full-time assistant professor.

His primary research interests includes IMPATT Modeling and scaling in Standard CMOS Technology, Analog design optimization, Microstrip Patch Antenna on-chip for 60GHz and 77GHz applications, Data Converters, LDMOS modeling for RF applications, and UWB measurements.

Dr. Al-Attar contributed to two books in CMOS RFIC and Planar Microwave Engineering. He currently serves on the committees of Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS) as a student paper competition chair, and he is a member of the IEEE and the ASEE.

Current Research Interests

  • Microwave Devices
    • IMPATT Modeling and scaling in Standard CMOS Technology
    • Non-Linear Transmission Lines (NLTL)
  • Microstrip Patch Antenna On-Chip
    • Microstrip Patch Antenna Efficiency and Losses in standard CMOS beyond 50 GHz
    • Novel Methods of Measuring and characterizing on-chip Antennas
    • Smart antenna issues: cost, footprint, calibration
  • Analog Design Optimization
    • Bandgap (Voltage and Current modes)
    • Data Converters
  • UWB Measurements
  • LDMOS for RF Applications

Recent Publications




Courses Taught

ELEN 115
ELEN 116
ELEN 144
ELEN 201
ELEN 254
ELEN 351
ELEN 354
ELEN 706

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