Santa Clara University


Electrical Engineering Program

midieval garden arborThe field of electrical engineering covers the design, construction, testing, and operation of electrical components, circuits, and systems. Electrical engineers are concerned with information representation and transmission, advancing integrated circuit design for digital, analog and mixed systems, new devices and architectures, and all the areas of circuits and systems that have traditionally supported these efforts. This includes all phases of the digital or analog transmission of information such as in radio, television, telephone systems, fiber optics, wireless communication, and satellite communications, as well as control and robotics, electric power, information processing and storage.

The Electrical Engineering Program is supported by the facilities of the University's Academic Computing Center, as well as by the School of Engineering Design Center, which is described in Engineering facilities. The department supports eight major teaching and research laboratories, three additional laboratories used only for teaching, and a laboratory dedicated to the support of senior design projects.

Program Highlights

  • Undergraduate courses are taught by full time faculty in small classes.
  • Faculty have active research interests in leading edge areas that can lead to undergraduate research opportunities and exciting senior design projects.
  • Students have assigned advisors and individual meetings with the advisor.
  • Location in Silicon Valley allows easy connection to large well known companies and small start-up companies for interships, CO-OPs, and employment after graduation.
  • Laboratories for undergraduate classes have modern design and measurement equipment; classes have hands on laboratories to reinforce lecture presentations.
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