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2014 Virtual Engineering Art Show

In case you cannot visit our School of Engineering Art Show in person (February 18-23, 2014, Bannan Engineering Labs Lobby), enjoy this virtual experience of our student, faculty and staff artwork!


Hipster Thrist Store Consumerism by Megan Anders

Megan Anders
Bioengineering Student
“Thrift Store Consumerism”

I was in a digital photography class where we had to create self-portraits of ourselves dressed up in a different persona. I chose hipster, and took this shot at the thrift store "black and brown" on the Alameda. It was a really fun project and great to see how other people saw the people they dressed up as.


Wish Upon a Planet by Jason Chong 

Jason Chong
Design Center Staff
“Wish Upon a Planet”

This is a long exposure photograph of the old pier in Davenport, CA (north of Santa Cruz). It is a 2 shot exposure blend, one for the sky and one for the piers. The Milky Way Galaxy is visible as is the planet Venus—the bright light in the middle.


Faun by Alexander Choulos

Alexander Choulos
Computer Engineering Student
Digital Painting

A piece about a small, innocent woodland deer trapped in a small house on a sunny bright day, longing to go outside, yet remaining indoors despite having an exit right beside him. Digitally painted in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Intuos4 Tablet.


Portal Lake at Sunset by Chris Franchuk

Chris Franchuk
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student
“Portal Lake at Sunset”

As the sun set behind the ridge to the west, the shadows over the lake softened, creating this tranquil scene. Located near Blackcap Basin in the Sierra National Forest, Portal Lake was below our first night’s camp during a weeklong backpacking trip into Kings Canyon National Park, California.


Fated to Love You by Able Hsu

Able Hsu
Web Design and Engineering Student
“Fated to Love You”

In Chinese legends, the gods of love tie a red thread around the ankles of two people who are destined for each other, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The red thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break—because what's meant to be, will be.


Portraits of Polynomials by Ed Karrels, Aaron Melman, and Maria Pantoja

Ed Karrels – Computer Engineering Graduate Student
Aaron Melman – Applied Mathematics Faculty
Maria Pantoja – Computer Engineering Faculty
Computer Generated Image
“Portraits of Polynomials”

The images depict lemniscates (level sets of the modulus of a polynomial) containing zeros of polynomials as white dots. Their high resolution was made possible by harnessing the parallel processing power of GPUs.


Robotic Flower by Christopher Kitts and Matthew Kitts

Christopher Kitts – Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Matthew Kitts - Class of 2024
Reactive Scuplture
“Robotic Flower”

This Reactive Sculpture uses LEGO robotics technology to realize a simple flower. The flower reacts to the ambient light level by opening its petals when light and closing its petals when dark.


Pods, by Godfrey Mungal

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering Dean
Digital Painting

I use the Microsoft Paint program to generate images that are appealing. Paint is a very basic program, unlike something like Photoshop, so you cannot use too many tricks. This means that you are restricted in the range of effects you can produce, so you have to try hard to make something attractive, yet not too child-like.


Trashed, by Paul Novisoff

Paul Novisoff
Mechanical Engineering Student

On the shores of the Calero Reservoir, south of San Jose, lies debris from human recreation. One man's trash is another's photographic treasure.


My Only Machine, by Maureen O'Neill

Maureen O’Neill
Mechanical Engineering Student
Fiber Arts
“My Only Machine”

Referencing older practices such as cross-stitch and hand-drawn medical diagrams, "My Only Machine" is a small piece that is part of a larger meditation on combining the arts and sciences as well as the importance of emotions and feelings in an increasinglyimpersonal world.


Iron Man 2013 by Adrienne Tiña

Adrienne Tiña
Computer Engineering Student
Graphite Pencil
“Iron Man 2013”

This drawing is a rendition of the magnificent Marvel comic book character, Iron Man. The detail in the technological design of this character's suit is truly breathtaking and definitely one that an engineer can appreciate. The drawing is a gift for and inspired by my father, Paul Tiña, a fan of Iron Man, electrical engineer, and alumnus of Santa Clara University. "Iron Man, 2013" is but one in a collection of drawings entitled Masks of Marvel. This collection includes other drawings of the same realist style in graphite, including "Captain America, 2012" and "The Amazing Spider-Man, 2012." My collection embodies my lifetime fanatics of art and Marvel Comics.


Ms. Peacock, by Kyra Wayne

Kyra Wayne
Computer Science and Engineering Student
Adobe Photoshop
“Ms. Peacock”

What started as a simple sketch turned into an elaborate piece involving the contrast of bright blues on a dark gray background, complete with opaque peacock feathers and alluring purple eyes. Ms. Peacock was illustrated solely using Adobe Photoshop CS7, the artist’s preferred art software. Kyra Wayne is a self-taught artist pursuing a career in computer science. While studying as an engineer, art will always be a fond hobby of hers.

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