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Renewable Energy

  • Energy Made In UgandaEnergy Made in Uganda


    Jaqueline Barbosa
    Kirsten Petersen


    Shoba Krishnan, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

  • Fundacion ParaguayaDynamic Poverty Heat Map


    Jonathan Ahumada
    Kurt Jurgens
    Jasmine Farias


    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

  • Quikchill PosterQuikChill


    Franz Louie Chua
    Brandon Ohara
    Bernadette Tong


    Hohyun Lee, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

  • Emergency Power For Hospitals in Under-Developed Countries (using building-integrated wind turbine systems)Emergency Power for Hospitals in Under-Developed Countries 


    Erik McAdams
    Hugo Mailloux-Beauchemin
    Jonathan Chimento


    Tonya Nilsson, Full-Time Lecturer of Civil Engineering


    ‘MUVE’-ing better jobs and education to change lives.

    A web tool to digitize books for use in rural areas. Computer engineering students designed this tool to be implemented for a social enterprise called 'iMerit' that generates new economy livelihoods in India (CEO of iMerit is Radha Basu, Director of the Frugal Innovation Lab). Considers the fact that feature phones are common, schools have outdated books, and women want and need jobs. iMerit works with employees and publishers, who then utilize MUVE to digitize relevant content. With the aim of providing a better education and enabling more jobs to be generated, MUVE is currently being deployed by a team of SCU students in rural centers in India.


    Elysia Chu
    Victoria Hall
    Maya Hough
    Urvashi Reddy


    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
    Radha R. Basu, Regis and Dianne McKenna Executive Professor of Engineering

  • iconFuel-Cell Project (Graduate)

    Michael Sizemore, Sandeep Lele
    Advisor: Drazen Fabris
    Partners: CSTS, Environmental Protection Agency


Clean Water

  • LabonachipposterLab on a Chip


    Sonny Gandhi
    Zuhayr Elahi
    John Seubert
    Ben Demaree
    Jessica VanderGiessen


    Shoba Krishnan, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
    Unyoung (Ashley) Kim, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

  • Electrochemical Detection of Arsenic Using a Paper-Based Microfluidic Device PosterElectrochemical Detection of Arsenic


    Ben Demaree
    Jessica VanderGiessen


    Unyoung (Ashley) Kim, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

  • iconArsenic Detection Project: Electronics

    John Barth, Anthony Clemetson
    Advisors: Silvia Figueira, Shoba Krishnan 
  • iconDesign and Evaluation of a Home-Scale Arsenic Removal System

    Megan Alferness, Alex Casares
    Advisor: Steven Chiesa 
  • iconElectrochemical Detection of Arsenic Using a Microfluidic Sensing Platform

    Ben Demaree, Allie Sibole, Jessica VanderGiessen
    Advisor: Unyoung (Ashley) Kim
    Partner: Roelandts (CSTS) 
  • iconLife Water*

    Colin Boyle, Scott Hanson
    Advisor: Edwin Maurer 
  • iconPaper-Based Water Analyzer

    Jesus Gonzalez, Jonathan Sotelo (St. Edward's Univ., TX)
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Partner: St. Edward's University, Texas 
  • iconRainwater Catchment System at Walden West Outdoor Science School*

    Jessica Bolanos, Melissa Crapps, Alessandro Folchi
    Advisors: Steven Chiesa, Edwin Maurer
    Partner: Walden West 


Mobile For Humanity

  • Mobile Forum for EducationMobile Forum for Education


    Suzanne Lien
    Alexandria Shearer


    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

  • salaUno-CATRA-poster-PrintsalaUno CATRA


    Anthea Buchin
    Ruth Borrud
    Timothy Cheng
    Jasmin Gonzalez
    Alec Nicholas
    Layne Orr
    Sean Screws

    Radha R. Basu, Regis and Dianne McKenna Executive Professor of Engineering

    -- In Collaboration with MIT Media Labs and salaUno (Social Enterprise) --

  • FACEFACE (Fair-Trade Aid Calculator for Everyone)



    Ryan Davidson
    Eva Jensen
    Rosalie Tolantino


    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
    Radha R. Basu, Regis and Dianne McKenna Executive Professor of Engineering

  • iconGet Me There

    An iPhone application that will allow individuals with learning disabilities to travel through their communities independently. Our primary user group currently consists of the students at the Santa Clara Adult Education Center.


    Joe Schneider
    Ken Wigginton
    Monica Camorongan


    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
    Shoba Krishnan, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

  • Seed Bank TrackingSeed Bank Tracking in Nicaragua

    Frugal Innovation’s Mobile Health Lab helped Assistant Professor Chris Bacon and his student Ian Dougherty from the Department of Environmental Studies to test a mobile tracking solution for seed banks in Nicaragua. The project aims to help seed banks collect, store, and analyze data from seed deposits and withdrawals to help combat seasonal hunger. Mobile Lab TA Ryan Davidson worked with Ian to install an OpenXData server in Nicaragua and create the electronic data collection forms to be filled in via mobile phone. This initial implementation increased the efficiency of seed banks in the area by allowing them to share pricing and quantity data. Eventually the data collected at each seed bank will be analyzed for trends, which can then be used to prevent seasonal hunger due to shortages of seed. This is an example of how the tools hosted by the Mobile Health Lab can be utilized by organizations to test, develop, and distribute functional mobile software applications.


    Ian Dougherty
    Ryan Davidson


    Chris Bacon, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

  • iconNetHope and SCU Mobile Health Interoperability Research

    FIL is working with NetHope to discover how to further utilize existing technology primarily in health related fields. NetHope is an organization that is dedicated to bringing together humanitarian organizations in order to share information and practices to serve people in the developing world. This particular project explores how to analyze and develop solutions for mHealth.  Demonstration & Interoperability Lab with openXdata, DHIS 2, and OpenMRS.  Pilot with Kenya MOH.


    Arturo Posadas
    John Seubert
    Jesus Gonzalez
    Ryan Davidson


    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

  • iconMobile Platform for Vocal Pattern Analysis

    Coming Soon!

  • iconeRescue

    A consumer-facing android based mobile application was developed to locate CPR-certified users within a specified region whenever they are necessary.


    Rosemary Pham
    Casey Larson
    Kristen Muramoto
    Timothy So


    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

  • iconStreetConnect

    This project began as an idea at Community Technology Alliance (CTA), a local organization which combines technical expertise, government regulation, and a non-profit understanding to build systems collaboratively with communities and service agencies to support the homeless. CTA came to SCU wanting a group of students to implement a mobile app that would help improve their lives by utilizing a fact that many homeless people have phones. Our project is a system which provides text announcements about services such as food, shelter, jobs, and health. People can register their phone numbers online and choose which services they wish to receive text updates for, and whether they should be location-specific. Then, organizations post their announcements or event information to a web portal, and these are sent to all of the registered phone numbers in the database signed up for those services. All of the registered people’s information is stored in a database and easily changed online with the use of a one-time password. This app is clean and simple, and provides a unique service for the homeless community which has never been done before.


    COEN 129 Students, Spring 2013 (Continued in 'Street Connect II' by Nicholas Fong)


    Silvia Figueira, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

  • Maana MobileIhaveIneed


    Aaraadhya Narra


    Silvia Figuiera, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

  • iconEducating about Homelessness

    Rohit Kalindini, Anusha Kasum, Urja Patel, Jay Sheth
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Partners: Tech Museum of Innovation, Community Technology Alliance (CTA) 
  • iconEnergy Profile for Mobile Usage

    Udaya Yalamanchi
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira 
  • iconHack for the Homeless Event

    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Partners: Community Technology Alliance (CTA), Dew Mobility, Frugal Innovation Lab, HTC, IEEE Santa Clara Valley SIGHT, Microsoft, Vodafone Americas Foundation, Western Digital 
  • iconMobile Health Solution for Under-Served Young Women

    Kaitlin Kirasich, Katie Le, Kelsey Dedoshka
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Partners: Community Technology Alliance (CTA), Youth + Tech + Health (YTH) 
  • iconMobile Security

    Nagasushma Devarapalli
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira 
  • iconNVIDIA Cuda Lab*

    Advisor: Maria Pantoja
    Partner: NVIDIA 
  • iconStreetConnect II

    Nicholas Fong
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Community Technology Alliance (CTA), Roelandts (CSTS) 
  • iconStreetPhone (LowPower Phones)

    Sean Kinzer, Daniel Marks
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Community Technology Alliance (CTA) 
  • iconStress-Reliever for High-Risk Families

    Stephanie Cervi and Patrick Neill
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira 
  • iconTextTETEA - A mobile education service*

    Michael Neumann
    Advisor: Christopher Kitts
    Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, Roelandts (CSTS), TETEA, LESCOTA 
  • iconTree Mapping

    Jonathan Ahumada and Rashmi Nagaraju
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Hewlett-Packard, Conservation International 
  • iconVolunteer Connection

    Samira Almendras, Jesus Gonzalez, Stefan Zecevic
    Silvia Figueira 


Community Projects

  • iconCommunity Projects*

    Advisors: Shoba Krishnan, Patti Rimland 
  • iconCommunity Projects ENGR 110

    Advisor: Geetha Arun 


Livelihood Development

  • iconApp for Artisans

    Nishant Bisen
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Partner: SOKO 
  • iconPoverty Crusher*

    Rob Golterman, Brian Hammond, Thien-Ryan Le, Arvin Lie
    Advisor: Timothy Hight
    Partners: Santa Clara Ignatian Center, SCU School of Engineering 
  • iconText to Learn

    Melissa Bica and Elizabeth Donahue
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Roelandts (CSTS) 


Other Interdisciplinary

  • iconAkaBot: 3D Printing Filament Extruder*

    Emily Albi, Kevin Kozel, Daniel Ventoza, Rachel Wilmoth
    Advisor: Panthea Seperhband
    Partners: Roelandts (CSTS), ASME, SCU School of Engineering, Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization 
  • iconBeacon Pack

    Aidan Barbari, Bryant Larsen, Jimmy Mack, James Terry, Thomas Martin
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira 
  • iconCitizen Tree Mapping

    Guilherme Carvalho, Tian Zhang
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira 
  • iconEngineers without Borders*

    Rebecca Barney
    Advisor: Tonya Nilsson 
  • iconLuminant Display*

    JP Allport, Omar Rodriguez
    Advisor: Radhika Grover, Shoba Krishnan 
  • iconTech Museum Innovation Workshops of 2014

    Partners: Tech Museum of Innovation, Tech Awards, NASDAQ, Accenture 
  • icon3D Printing Committee

    Nabilah Deen
    Advisors: Pravin Jain, Shradha Gripe, Elizabeth Sweeny
    Partner: Roelandts (CSTS) 


Public Health

  • iconFertile Days Ahead

    Astha Singh
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira 
  • iconHearing Aid

    Prashanthan Surendran
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Partner: Roelandts (CSTS) 
  • iconHearing Loss Detector (Mobile Audiometry Application)

    Shweta Panditrao and Kevin Nguyen
    Advisor: Silvia Figueira
    Partner: Dr. Stephane Pigeon 
  • iconMobile Cooler for the Last Mile Distribution of Vaccines in Developing Nations

    Paul Novisoff, Arturo Nunez Perez, Ryne Sitar
    Advisor: Hohyun Lee
    Partners: Roelandts (CSTS) 
  • iconWireless Impact Sensing Headband*

    Ryan Daly, Doug Furstinger, Tim Sashegyi, Nicklaus Schmidt, Mihir Shah
    Advisors: Shoba Krishnan, Christopher Kitts 


Sustainable Building

  • iconBamboo Connection Designs for Seismic Areas*

    Erik McAdams, Jenny Van Truong
    Advisors: Mark Aschheim, Tonya Nilsson 
  • iconCold Climate Solar Thermal Greenhouse*

    Samuel Heath, Ashley Husbands, Cora Lemar,
    Mariko Tollan
    Advisors: Tracy Abbott, Tonya Nilsson, Sukhmander Singh
    Partners: Roelandts (CSTS) 
  • iconDuctile Bamboo Structures*

    Tommy Baldacci, Jonathan Chimento, John Drayton
    Advisors: Mark Aschheim, Tonya Nilsson
    Partner: School of Engineering 
  • iconStraw Bale Seismic Design Capacities 2*

    Beth Avon, Brittnie Swartchick
    Advisors: Mark Aschheim, Tonya Nilsson



    * This project is not directly affiliated with the Frugal Innovation Lab

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