Santa Clara University


Responsibility Chart

Requests/Tasks Department Grad Services Dean's Office Self Service Notes
Book orders X       Submit two months before 1st day of each quarter.
Class/grade rosters
      X Available using ecampus access.
Classroom requests/changes
X       Submit prior to beginning of quarter if possible.
Contract letters and payroll issues   X     The letter will go out approx. 2-3 weeks before the quarter starts
I-9, W-4 form processing (Verification of employment eligibility for new hires)       X Forms may be downloaded from HR website:
Mail boxes     X   Contact your department administrative assistant.
Media Services       X Call 554-4520 for any equipment needs.
New course advertising   X     Submit at least 3 weeks before registration begins.
New course offering X       Submit ideas to dept. chair one quarter prior to offering.
Parking   X     Parking application accessible online via ecampus Faculty Center
Payroll questions and issues   X     Contact LeAnn Marchewka at 408/554-4765.
Student course registration   X     Students are not allowed to sit in a class without official registration in ecampus. If it is after the deadline, contact Graduate Services Office.
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