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IDEAS: 2008 Projects

Capstone Senior Design Projects

Gravity Water System for Nicaragua: Agua Para La Vida

Steffany Castro, Edward Reyes
Advisors: S. Chiesa, E. Maurer

A gravity-fed water system was designed for a small rural community in Nicaragua. Students used two software programs, WaterGEMS and Neatworks, to compare options when developing their design. The new system captures spring water that flows into a storage tank, water flows from the storage tank into a network of pipes out to the community. The previous water system was an exposed-well, susceptible to contamination by mosquitoes and livestock, and required residents to walk long distances to get to the well.


Yesenia Herrera, Chris Iwamura, Kimberly So, Evan Uyehara
Advisors: D. Lewis, S. Krishnan

Students designed a system to detect changes in light and temperature in a room and t rigger the blinds to open and close as needed. Automating this common home device will make a standard home energy efficient and provide a convenience to the homeowner. The team has plans to make the entire system controllable from the Internet to permit the user to control all the functions remotely in the event of an emergency.

VES – Ocular Medical Detection Device

Chris Cardenas, Tommy Jewell, Lorrie Ma, Tuan Nguyen
Advisors: T. Hight. S. Krishnan

Students created a consumer device capable of locating small punctual plugs within the lacrimal drainage system of the human eye. Many technologies and designs to detect a punctual plug medication delivery system have been researched and developed from which four solutions have been selected. The solutions developed include: magnetism, inductance, photoluminescence, and contact-based image analysis.

EWB Water Purification for Karheda, India

Joseph Capoccia, Alberto Fonts, Ryan Harami, Yasemin Kimyacioglu, Daniel Stadulus
Advisors: T. Hight. S. Krishnan

The team designed a water purification system consisting of a distillation unit powered by solar thermal collectors. Their design utilizes a vacuum to lower the boiling point of water thereby doubling the throughput over a standard solar still. The total dissolved content in the purified water is reduced from over 30,000 ppm to 10 ppm.

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