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2009-2010 Senior Design Projects

IRIS Nanosatellite Structures

Team Members: Hope Sheffield, Landis Wilson
Advisor: Christopher Kitts
Design and analysis of primary and secondary structures on IRIS nanosatellite for the UNP competition. These structures include design for a sealed payload container, modular solar panels, ground support equipment, analysis on primary structure and EMI boxes. Work also performed on other subsystem support and interactions in references to the primary structure.

Night Rider: Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight System
Night Rider

Team Members: Alex Granieri, Giovanni Magana, Colby Moore, Nicole Papetti, Sergio Rodriguez
Advisor: Christopher Kitts
There is no questioning the safety benefit to motorists afforded by sufficient nighttime visibility. Night Rider is a system designed to adaptively control the front headlight of a motorcycle to maximize overall rider visibility and performance. Using existing mechanical and electrical architectures, Night Rider will revolutionize the motorcycle lighting industry.


Team Members: Justin Peel, Michael Tran
Advisor: Christopher Kitts
A small, autonomous, aerial vehicle was designed and built to test robotic control systems and other possible applications both indoors and outdoors for the Santa Clara University Robotics Laboratory.

Mantaris Autonomous Navigation and Integrated Control

Team Members: Jeffrey Abercrombie, Kevin Brashem, Johnny Buccola, Matt Pavlik
Advisor: Christopher Kitts
An integrated control system was designed for implementation in SCU's underwater ROV, Mantaris. The system will allow Mantaris to function autonomously. The control system has been implemented on Triton.


Team Members: Jacqulyn Herring, Chad Johnson, Daniel Moomaw, Jeremy Pool
Advisor: Christopher Kitts
Implementation of an actuated canard system and a ballast system on the SCU Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull autonomous surface vessel. A new scientific payload system utilizing a Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth sensor was also a focus of this project.

Village VCD Water Purification

Team Members: Micah Einterz, Charles Trahem
Advisor: Hohyun Lee
Vapor Compression Distillation is a highly efficient method of water purification. Efficiency is achieved by reclaiming latent heat released by the steam as it cools. This significantly decreases the energy required to produce clean water; making a VCD system ideal for places with limited access to power.

Solar Aqua Design Innovation
Solar Aqua Design Innovation

Team Members: Ryan Chun, Ian Griggs, Bud Kop, Matthew Yoon, Aitor Zabalegui
Advisor: Hohyun Lee, Shoba Krishnan
A solar-powered water purification system capable of supplying enough clean water for an average household is desired. Our system utilizes renewable energy and low pressure distillation in an effort to provide a sustainable solution to the global clean water crisis.

Formula SAE Intake Manifold

Team Members: Trevor Lefler, Nick Tenhulzen
Advisor: Drazen Fabris
Development of an intake manifold for a Honda F4i 600cc motorcycle engine. The engine and manifold are intended for use in the Santa Clara Formula SAE race car which requires that the manifold be optimized for use in special circumstances.

Wire Wear Fatigue Tester
Wire Wear Fatigue Tester for Sadra Medical

Team Members: Jeremy Boyette, Michael Calomeni
Advisor: Terry Shoup
The purpose of this project is to design, manufacture and verify a wire wear fatigue tester for Sadra Medical. The Tester will be used to optimize the thickness of a titanium oxide layer on the surface of a Nitinol wire to increase its ability to resist wear and corrosion.

Thermal Characterization of Carbon Nanofibers

Team Members: Brady Knowles, Casey Miller
Advisor: Drazen Fabris
The project aims to characterize the thermal performance due to Joule heating of carbon nanofibers for vertical via interconnect applications through the use of a novel thermal reflectance temperature measurement system. It also investigates the thermal conductivity of carbon nanofibers imbedded in an oxide matrix for heat conduction applications.

Energy Bike
Energy Bike

Team Members: Tori Chun, Jessica Scott, Ursula Uys
Advisor: Shoba Krishnan
Helping to further educate young students on alternative forms of energy, our bike will allow students to create their own energy and test how much power they can generate. How much energy do you think a human can produce?

Inflatable Biker Protection

Team Members: John Kiely, Andrew Miller
Advisor: Tim Hight
Providing adequate protection to on-road cyclists takes a compromise between comfort and degree of protection. An electronically triggered inflating vest provides protection when necessary while remaining comfortable and breathable otherwise.