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2010-2011 Senior Design Projects

Mechanical Engineering Session 1

Fuel Efficient Cook Stove

Team Members: Abimael Bastida, Miguel Gomez, Saul Hernandez, Alejandro Lobato
Advisor: Hohyun Lee
Design, build and implement a fuel-efficient cook stove for use in impoverished communities of Nicaragua by incorporating the use of thermoelectric power generation to produce a forced air flow.

Mud Brick Press
Mud Brick Press

Team Members: Miriam Rodriguez, Lawson Tong
Advisor: Mark Aschheim
Create and implement a mud brick press using an injection molding method. The brick itself will have two hollow sections to conserve material and reduce weight. This design will be used in developing nations to build houses.

Make it Rain

Team Members: Dean Hoang, Kenneth Murata, Geoffrey Zen
Advisor: Timothy Hight, Shoba Krishnan
Our team partnered with Walden West Science Center for this project to design a sustainable drip irrigation system for their garden. Excess power from the solar panels will be stored for general use. This project will be explained to the students at the camp in order to educate them on sustainability.

Mechanical Engineering Session 2

Compressed Air Bike
Compressed Air Bike

Team Members: Kevin Azpeitia, Ben Dowdell, Daniel Garcia-Prats, Adam Schwarz; Business student: John Hart
Advisor: Timothy Hight
A single-person vehicle powered by highly compressed air stored in two carbon composite air cylinders which propel a radial piston rear drive motor. Aiming to improve previous attempts and bring compressed air storage technology to the forefront of sustainable energy, this design focuses on safety of the pressurized air cylinders.

SCU MotorSports Baja SAE
SCU MotorSports Baja SAE

Team Members: Caitlyn Alexander, M. Jared Guerrero, Jason LeBlanc, E.J. McKay, Ben Richter, Zach Sanchez, Harman Sekhon
Advisor: Drazen Fabris, T. Kim Parnell
The SCU MotorSports Team designed and built a rugged, single-seat off-road vehicle meeting the 2011 Baja SAE rules and specifications.

Attitude Determination and Control for Nanosatellite
Attitude Determination and Control for Nanosatellite

Team Members: Alexander Fischer, Anthony Lozano, Andrew Zembala
Advisor: Christopher Kitts
This project consists of a modular attitude determination and control package to orient a spacecraft in orbit using sensing, processing, passive and active control.

Mechanical Engineering Session 3

Hydrodynamic Test Fixture for Prosthetic Aortic Heart Valves

Team Members: Nick Devich, Edward Hayes, William Hendricks
Advisor: Drazen Fabris, T. Kim Parnell
The goal of this project was to design, construct, program, and validate an in-line manufacturing test fixture for Sadra Medical’s prosthetic aortic valve. The test fixture shall detect known modes of failure that have been determined by Sadra Medical Inc. to impact the clinical function of the manufactured valves.

Passive Water Management System for PEM Fuel Cell

Team Members: Charles Klein, Kelly Nightengale, Hanna Nilsson, Shawn Tokairin
Advisor: Hohyun Lee, Daniel Strickland
In this project, we improved the efficiency of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell by managing excess water production. We designed, built and tested a humidifier which couples with integrated wicks to remove water from the membrane and use that water to humidify inlet gases.

Solar Powered Regenerative Fuel Cell
Solar Powered Regenerative Fuel Cell

Team Members: Joseph Baini, Jacob Becker, Michael Calcagno, Jensen Machathil, Michael Ryan, Sapaan Shah; Business student: Tyler Richard Johnston
Advisor: Timothy Healy, Daniel Strickland
This project focuses on developing a hydrogen PEM fuel cell for storing energy from PV panels.

Solar Powered Water Purification System

Team Members: Ryan Hinds, Megan Ingemanson, Jason Santiago
Advisor: Drazen Fabris, Hohyun Lee
Brackish water and salt water are purified using a vapor distillation process. The energy required for the system is primarily provided by solar power. The system generates a maximum of 25L of pure water/day.

Interdisciplinary Projects

Blades of Power

Team Members: Ayesha Ahmad, Christina daSilva, Zaireen Razzak
Advisor: Shoba Krishnan
Our project involves educating young children about wind energy. Our focus is to analyze and test two different types of wind turbines and then integrate them together. We have also created an interface to compare and display the amount of energy being produced from each turbine.

ANGLER – Autonomous Network for Gradient Location in Environmental Research

Team Members: Alvaro Gandara Astray, Gregory Emmanuel, Jake Pfitsch, Mike Vlahos, Dean Willmert, Xander Wroblewski
Advisor: Christopher Kitts
Create an autonomous network of robotic kayaks which sense and navigate by physical gradients in water.

ECHO: Ergonomic Chair for Health Optimization

Team Members: Natasha Ahuja, Chris Lord, Kristen Stieger, Christian Zempel
Advisor: Timothy Hight
The purpose of the ECHO project is to design and build an affordable, revolutionary ergonomic chair that will be available to anyone who currently suffers or may eventually suffer from back pain caused by extensive periods of sitting.


Team Members: Collin Burdick, Katherine Fazackerley, Ben Frederiksen, Nick Greos, Katherine Mardula, Simi Olabisi, Matt Renner; Business students: Maria Veronica Lleva Bass, Kristen Lee
Advisor: Shoba Krishnan, Hohyun Lee
Team Omoverhi developed a low cost, low maintenance, solar powered incubator for premature infants in Nigeria. A solar thermal system heats the incubator through pipes containing hot water while a control system monitors the heat depending on the needs of the infant.