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Mechanical Engineering teaches analytical and problem solving skills that lead to good career prospects both in engineering and in a wide variety of other fields. Mechanical Engineering alumni from SCU are employed by some of the biggest and best known companies, take leadership roles, achieve advanced degrees, or pursue different paths such as medicine, dentistry, or law. Some alumni are employed at world famous technology leading companies: Lockheed, Apple, Hewlett Packard, BMW, IBM, and Boeing; meanwhile, others have joined entrepreneurial startups and other smaller companies, and a substantial proportion go on to Master and Doctoral degrees. They are involved in design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, and all other aspects of mechanical engineering. Further in their careers, many become managers, moving all the way up to President or CEO of companies large and small.

Although most of our alumni remain in northern California, others are scattered around the country and the world. From the board rooms of Silicon Valley to remote areas of Africa, from Wall Street to the Motor City, Santa Clara University Mechanical Engineering alumni are creating new devices, finding more efficient ways to manufacture mass produced products, working in research labs, and using new technology to help rural populations.

We very much encourage our alumni to stay involved with the department. If you are interested, opportunities exist to mentor senior design projects or other student projects in the department, to participate as a judge during the senior design conference, sponsor senior design projects or research activities (individually or through your work), become a member of our industry advisor board, and so on. You may contact the department chair, or any member of the department faculty, for more information on these opportunities.

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Panelli, Alex
Alex Panelli, BSME '91
President and CEO, Orbit

"I always believed I was destined to be a businessman or entrepreneur and realized an engineering degree was critical in making that happen. Engineering teaches a way of thinking, of analyzing and solving problems that can be applied to other areas of expertise with great success."

Snyder, Jennifer Kerwin
Jennifer Kerwin Snyder, BSME '04
Mechanical Engineer, Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)

"The mix of hands-on experience in addition to theoretical background that was such a big part of the educational experience at SCU was very beneficial to transitioning from school to work, and was right in line with my on-the-job experience."


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