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Laboratory Facilities

Current facilities provide the capability to work with different tasks related to heat transfer and fluids, ranging from the common to specialized ones. The available equipment is used for experimentation: micro-boiling; spray cooling; mono-disperse and poly-disperse atomization of different fluids; high speed imagery; Laser Induced Fluorescence (thermometry and visualization); Infrared Thermometry; data processing: Video capture in tape and digital format; stills; image processing; experiment development: building of electronic circuits for equipment control and embedded system programming. These are some applications to date, however, the laboratory can have a broader range of heat transfer and fluids applications due to its versatility.



Microboiling experiment schematic setup


In order to achieve the afore mentioned tasks, a variety of equipment is used in the laboratory, some equipment is listed below:

  • Lasers
    • 650nm wavelength: Continuous and pulse, externally triggered (World Star Tech, UT5-30G-650, Uniphase 1507P-0, Lasiris 230403043 635M-5)
    • UV: pulse and externally triggered (VSL-337ND-S)
    • Dye laser
  • CCD Cameras
    • Sony XC-70
    • Pulnix TM-7200
    • Princeton Instruments CCD/RTY-782-Y
  • Data acquisition systems (Keithley and National Instruments)
  • Continuously focusable microscope adaptable to the digital cameras
  • Assortment of electric equipment
  • Programmable microchips (Ubicom SX28AC)
  • Assortment of optical equipment
  • Optical table 5'x6' with stabilizers to reduce vibration (Newport RS3000)
  • Nozzles and atomizers for
    • Monodisperse mode
    • Polydisperse mode

For the sake of shortness, the list only includes relevant equipment without describing in detail all the elements. As new relevant equipment is included in the laboratory, it is added to the list.