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Senior Design Projects

Our senior design course sequence is organized to give students the opportunity to work in teams to solve real problems, and to experience almost all aspects of the design process.

During the fall quarter, students are presented with an array of potential projects, including some sponsored by industry, some initiated by department faculty, and some sponsored contests such as SAE’s Mini Baja. After some discussion and exercises centered on teams, and an overview of the design process, the students are tasked to form their own teams. The remainder of the fall quarter is devoted to problem definition, information gathering, writing specifications, creating and evaluating solutions, and coming to a conceptual design. The conceptual design is then presented and critiqued.

The winter quarter is devoted to detail design and documentation, and to ordering and manufacturing parts and subsystems. During the spring quarter, the manufacturing and assembly are completed, a formal design presentation is made before outside judges at the senior design conference, the final hardware is presented at an open house, and the final design report (thesis) is completed.

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