Santa Clara University


Welcome to the Dynamics and Control Systems Laboratory at Department of Mechanical Engineering at Santa Clara University. The lab provides a stimulating environment for undergraduate and graduate students who want to be involved in modeling, simulation, and control of aerospace and mechanical systems. Current projects deal with theoretical investigation of highly complex, and uncertain aerospace and mechanical systems.

Current Research Areas 

Current research efforts are in the following areas:

  1. Multibody and Analytical Dynamics: Extending the analytical theory of spinning-thrusting spacecraft and developing high–fidelity models for spacecraft with fuel sloshing.
  2. Control of Aerospace Vehicles: Developing control laws for the following applications:
    • Improve the fuel efficiency of a new generation of commercial aircraft via wing shape control.
    • Position tracking and control of multi-UAV via the concept of shared control.
    • Attitude/position control of flexible space vehicles and vibration control of flexible components (structure).
    • Attitude control of spacecraft with fuel sloshing.
    • Attitude control of large solar sails.
  3. Guidance and Control of Reentry Vehicles: Extending the analytical theory of reentry vehicles and developing new optimal guidance and control (G&C) algorithms for atmospheric planetary entry vehicles.