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Winter Seminar: Wednesday, January 30, 2013


You are cordially invited to the Mechanical Engineering Department Seminar Series

Speaker: Pete Woytowitz, Sr. Manager Lam Research Corp.
Topic: Computational Modeling in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Date: Wednesday, January 30th
Location: EC 326, Bannan Engineering
Time: 4:00 - 5:00




The name "Silicon Valley" was coined as a reflection of the prowess of the the Santa Clara Valley and surrounding regions in the area of semiconductor electronics research, design and development.  Originally all major electronics firms manufactured their own integrated circuits, mostly on silicon, and also designed the processes and equipment needed to build and manufacture the microelectronic circuits.  Today only the largest and leading edge electronics firms continue to manufacture their own chips in closely guarded fabrication facilities or fabs.  Also today almost all major electronics firms purchase the processing equipment from companies that specialize in wafer processing equipment.  Silicon Valley continues to have a high density of semiconductor equipment manufactures including several major players along with many smaller companies and start-ups specializing in a particular applications and processes.
This talk will outline the electronics food-chain showing how consumers drive the electronics economy.  We will then talk about the typical design goals for semiconductor processing equipment.  Finally examples of Computational Modeling analyses that are used to help achieve the design design goals and speed time to market will be presented.



Pete Woytowitz, Ph.D., P.E. is Sr. Manager of Computational Modeling and Reliability at Lam Research Corp.  He has worked in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment area for over 12 years and has in the past worked for companies including Exponent Failure Analysis, Ford Aerospace and Communications (now Loral Space Systems) and Boeing Commercial Airplane company.  He is an adjunct professor in Mechanical and Civil engineering at SCU and teaches courses in finite element analysis, advanced vibrations and related areas.