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Introduction To Mathematica

Mr. Craig Bauling, Wolfram Research
Seminar in Santa Clara University School of Engineering Design Center, Tuesday October 26, 2010

Seminar Abstract

Learn the capabilities and practical applications of Mathematica 7 in this short seminar. Mathematica is a comprehensive technical computational software used by engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and other professionals. Mathematica allows users to compute, model, simulate, visualize, and document almost anything. Mathematica has been built and perfected to become the ultimate technical application and environment. In this seminar, Craig Bauling of Worlfram Research will highlight the impact of Mathematica on education and research, discussing a wide variety of practical and theoretical applications. Attendees will come away with a comprehensive understanding of Mathematica's key capabilities and core design principles. Prior knowledge of Mathematica is not required -new users are encouraged to attend. Current users will benefit from seeing the many improvements and new features of Mathematica 7.