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Freshman Engineers Shine in Song Contest

Monday, Apr. 25, 2011

In March, the Engineering Education Service Center ran a "Sing the Song of Engineering" Contest. Of 32 submissions, 3 of the 7 winning entries came from SCU's freshman class taking our Introduction to Engineering course, ENGR 1!

Patrick Neill won first place with his band Infinity Squared and their song "Ode to Engineers." Brian Hammond, Robert Golterman, and Robert Ross took third place for their song chronicling great engineering innovations over time. And the band, Mech Attack, featuring Arturo Nunez Perez, Jasper Adamek-Bowers, and Victor Ojeda, received an honorable mention for their tribute to engineering.

Freshmen were offered the chance to submit an entry in the contest as one of a number of options they could choose from for their final project, reports Ruth Davis, associate dean of undergraduate programs. “We were very impressed with the talent exhibited by our engineers,” she said, “and we’re delighted the students performed so well in the competition.”

Find the songs and lyrics here.

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