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Mission Statement

To create a forum that will enable SCU engineering graduate students and alumni to work and study together to further their education, advance their career and enhance their contribution to their area of focus within their chosen industry.

Welcome back, SCU engineering alumni!

When you knock with your SCU class ring, doors open. "Broncos helping Broncos" is the philosophy behind the SCU Ring Knockers networking group. Our LinkedIn SCU Ring Knockers group is designed to help you stay connected with your fellow engineering alumni. It's a great resource for information, news, and networking.

Network with Fellow Alumni

As a graduate of the School of Engineering, you have free access to a powerful network of fellow Broncos through our LinkedIn SCU Ring Knockers group. This group is open to all engineering alumni and current graduate students. It allows you to search for friends and colleagues and create your own personal network.

Supporting & Interest Group Students

The SCU Ring Knockers group is always looking for alumni, corporate partners, and friends of the SCU Ring Knockers who would like to help students. It is often said that successful entrepreneurship requires the input of those who have “gone before;" in other words, mentoring and networking are key components to success.

If you’d like access to mentoring, or would like to support our students, consider the following opportunities:

Join our SCU Ring Knockers LinkedIn group and register to provide mentoring to student and specialized support groups.
Serve as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and visit campus to interact with students in a variety of settings.

Custom opportunities available! For more information, email:

For Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley is a hub for technology-focused start-ups and entrepreneurs at every stage of their lifecycle. The SCU Ring Knockers group fosters entrepreneurship in students, mentors the first-time entrepreneur, advises and supports the experienced entrepreneur, and facilitates strategic business relationships in the technology community.

  • Act as the hub of entrepreneurial information; guide the entrepreneur through the life cycle of entrepreneurship.
  • Bring large and small companies together to network; expand and grow local area businesses.
  • Educate our youth of all ages about entrepreneurship.
  • Help grow the number of SCU entrepreneurs.
  • Promote giving back to the community through venture philanthropy.

SCU Ring Knockers Philosophy

A Santa Clara University degree is the one common bond and shared experience for more than 100,000 alumni, providing an entry point for networking opportunities. A group of engineering alumni--some seasoned professionals--with help from the School of Engineering created the SCU Ring Knockers in response to feedback from current students and alumni who wanted to leverage the power of the SCU network to recruit and hire qualified SCU Ring Knockers for their companies.

Ring Knockers is a free and convenient recruiting service to help SCU RING KNOCKERS identify strong job candidates who share their SCU background through the Ring Knockers LinkedIn group.

It is a simple concept - “We pull you up, you help pull up other SCU students.” Let’s start recruiting fellow SCU RING KNOCKERS for your company today.

Join the SCU Ring Knockers group on LinkedIn and start networking today!

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