Santa Clara University


Pargett Family

It is fascinating to note that five siblings from the Pargett family received their Bachelor’s Degrees from SCU’s School of Engineering.

Kathleen Pargett (BSCE ‘90) was a very committed, high achiever in grades, as well as in extra-curricular activities. She was also very active in the SWE and ASCE student chapters. Shortly after graduation, she went to work for CALTRANS. Currently, she and her husband Steve are raising two boys, John and Andrew, up in the foothills near Mountain Ranch, CA, nearby her parents and the original Pargett “ranch”.

Stacy Pargett (BSME ‘91) was also very active in school activities, and an officer for the ASME student chapter. She is currently a mechanism design engineer, and is listed as an inventor on two patents, for the R&D division of Lexmark Printers in Kentucky.

Douglas Pargett (BSME ‘93, MSEM ‘05) recently co-authored two papers with Mechanical Engineering Professor, Dr. Mark Ardema, while an Engineering Management graduate student. Their research involved determining new ways to fly commercial transport airplanes to save fuel. He will return to work at NASA Ames Research Center this October. Recently, he and his wife Laura were blessed with a daughter named Sierra.

Timothy Pargett (BSME ‘02) created a novel closing mechanism to protect a telescope aperture as part of his senior design project. He was also an excellent Teaching Assistant for the Mechanical Engineering Department. Tim is working for CSA Engineering of Mountain View, CA in structural vibration control.

Mike Pargett (BSME ‘05) just recently graduated in June with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. While a student at SCU, he was a campus EMT. He is currently applying to medical schools and plans to pursue a career in biomedical engineering.

Patricia Pargett, the only non-SCU grad, did spend a summer doing biochemistry research with Santa Clara's Dr. Brunauer. She just finished her MD from Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland and will be pursuing Anesthesiology.

Interestingly, the parents of the Pargett grads, John and Veronica, had to stop their own college educations to support their family. They dreamed that one day all their children would eventually become college graduates but did not originally intend for 5 of their children to attend the same college. They also commonly thank the Jensens and the Lavaronis, family friends from the Calaveras foothill area, for recommending SCU, and pointing out that SCU would strive to help find the additional financial sources that would make the cost of attending affordable. Thus, we would like to acknowledge the parents of these five SCU grads, John and Veronica Pargett, for valuing the high quality of education that the School of Engineering has to offer by entrusting the School with the education of five of their children. Moreover, we look forward to seeing the next generation of Pargett engineers at SCU.