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Lee Hornberger: Answering the Siren Call of Industry

The Mechanical Engineering Department is sad to note that Lee Hornberger (BSME ‘69) and ME faculty member since 1992, has left the university to return to industry. She has now joined the staff at United Defense (just across the railroad tracks). Lee has been valued as an innovative teacher, a trusted mentor, and an outstanding leader as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies from 1998-2002.

Lee was among the second group of female engineering students entering Santa Clara University, where she received her B.S. degree in 1969.

In 1976, she returned to SCU as an instructor and developed new courses in Plastics and Materials and an outreach program to encourage more women to enter engineering. This program helped increase the SCU proportion of female engineering students from 5% to 20%. It was also the prototype for nationally recognized SWE outreach programs, such as the NASA-funded Higher Education Outreach Program (HEOP) and the long-running SCU-supported GetSET program.

In 1980, Lee returned to industry and worked for several companies, including Acurex and IBM. In 1992, she rejoined the ME faculty as Associate Professor. During her long association with SCU, she has contributed in many ways to the growth and stability of the ME Department. She has provided a vital link between generations of students and alumni, and between the post-war and the newer faculty members. We wish her good luck and happy trails in her new position.

Below are just a few of the many Santa Clara University engineering alumni graduates. We hope you enjoy reviewing this list and please look for more of your classmates in our next edition of Horizons.*

Alumni All-Stars

Mark M. Boitano Chief Operating Officer Granite Construction Company
John C. Fitzpatrick Chief Executive Officer Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company
David A. Fry Chief Information Officer Fry’s Electronics
William R. Fry President Fry’s Electronics
Richard J. Justice Senior Vice Presiden, Worldwide Field Operations Cisco Systems, Inc.
Anne T. Katz Vice President, U.S. Assembly & Test Operations Integrated Device Tech, Inc.
Dr. Tina L. Panontin Chief Engineer NASA Ames Research Center
John Quilici Chief Engineer United Technologies Corp.
Wiliam J. Scheid, Jr. Vice President, Operations Acoustic Technologies
Dirk R. Thomas Vice President of Business Development Hitachi Global Storage Tech.
*Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this list. However, if you note errors, please visit the alumni community website: to help us correct the information.