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Ed Maurer
Ed Maurer
Spend a few minutes talking with civil engineering Assistant Professor Ed Maurer and you will learn that his commitment to researching the impact of climate change is fueled by a deeply thoughtful consideration of the implications of this issue.

Focusing his research on the impact of projected global warming on water resources in California, Maurer has presented his findings at a variety of state and national conferences. He was recently appointed to the Climate Change Technical Advisory Group of the California Department of Water Resources through which he will participate in incorporating statewide water planning implications of global warming in the next biennial report of the Governor’s Climate Action Team, due in 2008.

In his profession, Maurer feels a strong call to action. “Civil engineers have the task of building and maintaining the infrastructure that supports human society,” he says, “so I feel especially compelled by the results of the research to help highlight the essential role we play in shaping a world that can adapt to inevitable change, and to envision, design, and create a more sustainable future.”

Maurer is currently advising three undergraduates on a senior design project investigating green roof technology, which he expects to be an ongoing effort expanding to El Salvador. He says, “Green roofs have a direct application for mitigating impacts of global warming. In the classroom, I emphasize that the design of our cities and buildings shapes the footprint we have on the world, and ultimately the sustainability of human society.”

Maurer is committed to helping raise Californians’ consciousness to the global repercussions of their actions. “California is the 12th largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. We have a burden of responsibility to those countries whose water supply is rapidly diminishing due to increased temperatures worldwide—often poorer areas without the means to adapt to these changes. Acknowledging that needs to be part of the equation; we need to own up to our role in climate change. We need to be on the front lines not just of planning for inevitable changes but also helping to reduce the impacts of climate change.”

Maurer lives the values of Santa Clara University—competence, conscience, and compassion—seeking social justice through his research, teaching, and community involvement.