Santa Clara University


Professor Instrumental in Shaping TV over IP

With the improved display quality of high definition television comes the opportunity for a new wave of information dissemination, and Professor Qiang Li of the computer engineering department is at the forefront of this movement.

Li recently returned to the School of Engineering after spending two years at UTStarcom as chief architect for designing the flow of content distribution for television signals over IP networks. “The flexibility of the IP platform allows the television to become the home entertainment and information center. The potential for interaction reaches far beyond the time-shifted television, value-added gaming, or video-on-demand now available,” Li said, “but the emergence of this technology outpaced industry standardization of legal and regulatory issues.”

Working with the United Nations’ International Telecommunications Union and the Chinese Minister of Information Industry among others, Li was a leading force in determining and implementing industry standards. His research in this field was invaluable in managing a myriad of details ranging from tracking availability of content, to digital rights management, to maintaining the emergency broadcast system.

Li was also instrumental in SoftBank Corp.’s launch of the first million-user system of TV over IP in Japan. His ability to lead and successfully deploy a project of this magnitude is truly remarkable and is an example of the synergy created when industry and academia join forces. “It was a wonderful experience for me,” Li said. “I was able to bring a different approach to the industry’s environment—a collaborative, non-territorial way of doing business that smoothed the way for understanding between various sectors. But I was also afforded a unique insider’s view that I can now bring into the classroom.”

SCU students have the opportunity to tap into Li’s research and field experience in courses such as Operating Systems, Computer Networks at both graduate and undergraduate levels, and Information Security Management.