Santa Clara University


Dean's Message


Recently returned from a weeklong immersion trip to El Salvador, I find myself in a reflective mood as we begin the fall quarter, and I am filled with thoughts of how we at SCU can contribute to a better world through the education of our students.

The trip was organized by SCU’s Ignatian Center in coordination with our international program, Casa de la Solidaridad. Undergraduates in this program spend a semester studying and working in a Salvadoran community. Through this experience, they learn the realities of those struggling to end social injustices while working to promote human dignity.

And the realities are harsh. Past human rights abuses, classism, guerilla warfare, earthquakes and now failed reforms, violent gangs and underfunded reconstruction efforts create a bleak picture. But there are rays of hope. The work being done by priests, nuns, private citizens and non-governmental organizations is truly inspiring. SCU’s efforts make a difference, as well. Students from the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) who have studied engineering at SCU as part of an exchange program say they returned home empowered and uplifted by their experience.

I returned with a renewed commitment to put faith into action, to put engineering into action. Just as liberation theology is a powerful tool for social change, so is engineering. It is our responsibility to educate the ethical leaders and innovators of the future, to encourage our students to engage with those less fortunate, and to promote the study of engineering through outreach efforts.

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering