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2009 Solar Decathlon Design Selected

2009 Solar Decathlon Design Selected

Exciting news! A panel of architects selected by Santa Clara University and California College of the Arts has chosen the design to be implemented for our entry in the 2009 U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. The winning design is stunningly beautiful as it strikes a -balance between performance, aesthetics, and modular construction.

In announcing the selection, faculty project leader and mechanical engineering chair Tim Hight said, “The design is somewhat radical, and has a higher risk factor than the more conventional approaches, but all agreed that it would make a bold statement about both schools and was worth the risks involved. I am quite excited about the house and our implementation of it—we are up to the challenge!”

Congratulations to the 16 CCA students who took part in the design process, working feverishly over the past several months to achieve a great result.