Santa Clara University


Graduate School Announces the Graduate Core

In keeping with our mission to educate the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, the School of Engineering is announcing a new Graduate Core, a set of requirements common to all departments promoting an educational philosophy that goes far beyond narrow specialization and emphasizes a global and societal orientation. It also reflects the fact that we live in an increasingly complex world in which engineers must continually deepen their understanding of the interdisciplinary environment in which they operate.

Beginning with the fall 2008 quarter, students matriculating in graduate programs will be required to take a course in each of the three areas of the Core:

•    Emerging Topics in Engineering
•    Engineering and Business/Entrepreneurship
•    Engineering and Society

A number of options are available for students to complete these requirements. The Emerging Topics component can be satisfied either by a single, quarter-long traditional course, or 20 hours of short courses. Students can take any two-unit course in Engineering Management to fulfill the Engineering and Business/ Entrepreneurship requirement.

In announcing the new Core, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Alex Zecevic said, “The addition of this component to our graduate program addresses a real need for our students and complements our curriculum in a way that honors Santa Clara’s Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person. We are excited about the many possibilities this new direction engenders.”