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Hohyun Lee Joins Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Prof. Hohyun Lee
A desire to bring about change through the education of the next generation of mechanical engineers is credited with bringing new faculty member Hohyun Lee to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Professor Lee recently received his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research focuses on heat transfer mechanisms at the nanoscale and engineering thermal properties of nanomaterials for the purpose of energy harvest.

“I love teaching,” said Lee. “If I can help students understand difficult concepts pertaining to transport phenomena at the atomic scale, I’ll be satisfied,” he added. Of course, continuing his research in nanoscale energy transport is also a priority. With a focus on investigating the principles of heat and electrical transport and how to control the physical properties of material to maximize efficiency in energy systems, Lee sees a myriad of uses for his work. “We can engineer properties to suit a number of applications—everything from making mobile energy power systems to assisting health monitoring. Generally, only thirty percent of the energy produced in a system is useful; the rest is lost to heat. Efficiency can be improved with the help of thermoelectric materials which can convert heat to electricity. Through research on materials and heat and electrical transport, we can engineer properties for thermal insulation, enhancing heat transfer for cooling and reducing energy waste within the system.”

Tim Hight, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, is delighted to welcome Dr. Lee to Santa Clara. “In addition to his work in nanoscale transport phenomena and materials characterization and instrumentation, Professor Lee also focuses on renewable, sustainable energy and water purification system design. His dedication to teaching and commitment to research in sustainability make him a real asset for the School of Engineering.”

“Not many research-oriented universities place such a high value on teaching as Santa Clara,” Lee said. “Education is the most efficient method for changing the world in a better direction, and I am excited to be in an environment that emphasizes the application of education.”