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At a presentation by SCU’s Center for Science, Technology and Society (CSTS), I learned something interesting and disturbing: although the developed world has benefited greatly from technology stemming from the Industrial Revolution, the developing world has not. Since the mid-1800s, the gap between the two groups has become increasingly larger, with technology jettisoning the Western economy upward, while those at the bottom of the economic pyramid have remained static.

As engineering educators at a Jesuit university, it is incumbent upon us to try to do something to close this gap. And so it is that the School of Engineering is partnering with CSTS through a new focus on frugal innovation, bringing our philosophy of “engineering with a mission” and the Center’s goal of “innovating for social impact” together, as you will see in the accompanying article.

It occurs to me that this edition of Engineering News is all about addressing gaps. Here you will read about our student researchers filling in the gaps of knowledge surrounding muscle rejuvenation and industrial algae pond health, about steps being taken at SCU to close the gap between the energy we produce versus what we use, and about how one undergraduate is filling in the gaps in his own education by adding a studio arts minor and study in Japan to his engineering major. You will also meet two new additions to the School of Engineering who have filled the gaps in our faculty. Enjoy!

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering