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In November, I was invited to give a presentation in Cordoba, Argentina on “The Profile of the Engineer of a Jesuit University: Competencies and Abilities” before a gathering of Deans of Engineering of Latin-American Jesuit institutions of higher learning. In my presentation I stressed the importance of us as engineers to support the five goals delineated at the most recent Jesuit General Congregation 35 held in 2008 in Rome: involve our students in the life of the mind; instill in our students a feeling of responsibility and obligation to help those less fortunate; care for the world’s resources for all the world’s people; serve our community; and engage with the world.

Here at Santa Clara University, we are “engineering with a mission” and we inspire the head, touch the heart, and guide the hands toward action in accordance with our Jesuit calling. Through a rigorous technical education, undergraduate and graduate core curricula designed to promote intentional, reflective learning and global understanding, commitment to hands-on, project-based learning, collaboration with industry and academic partners, and a focus on sustainability and energy engineering, we are working toward fulfilling GC35’s goals.

In Cordoba, we Jesuit engineering educators began building bridges by sharing ideas and pedagogies. In these pages, you will see how our students, faculty, and alumni here at Santa Clara are also building bridges in so many ways that honor our tradition: by introducing technology and education to Africa; helping our neighbor, NASA, monitor satellites; and through the planning of an exciting new conference on Science and Religion, to name just a few. I hope you enjoy this edition of Engineering News which serves as a bridge between us.

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering