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Dean's Message

Here in Silicon Valley, we are situated among world leaders in industries such as information products and services, energy and green technologies, and biotech and medical device development, and we are steeped in this community's culture of diversity and collaboration that pays huge dividends in far-reaching innovations. So it follows that innovation, teamwork, and global engagement are intrinsic to an engineering education at Santa Clara University.

From creating No.1 best-selling mobile applications to determining the standard for the next generation of video coding, our students, faculty, and alumni are innovating for today's and tomorrow's consumers. They are also visiting new places, meeting new people, and working with NGOs, corporate research teams, and other academic institutions in an effort to build a more just, humane, and sustainable world for all.

And, oh, the places they go! Alaska, China, India, Singapore, Austria, and Haiti to mention just a few of the locations you will read about in this edition of Engineering News. Of course, Bronco engineers don't need to travel far to have universal influence as evidenced by our participation in the Solar Decathlon that was held right here in California earlier this month. But whether their work keeps them near or sends them to far-off locales, Santa Clara's Bronco engineers are grounded in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition of ethical decision making and practice.

Happy reading!