Santa Clara University


Dean's Message

For years, Santa Clara University has held fast to the promise of instilling in our students the three Cs—competence, conscience, and compassion.

But as we in the School of Engineering launch our second century of educating ethical engineering leaders, we also inspire our students to open themselves to two other Cs: courage and collaboration. Our Silicon Valley location affords us stellar examples of courage— innovators and entrepreneurs who are not afraid to change the world, to imagine, to try, or even to fail and try again and again in the pursuit of a dream—and we are fortunate, indeed, to be situated among the world’s foremost visionaries in every field of engineering. 

It is important that our students learn that engineering is not a solitary endeavor. More and more, the work we do is interdisciplinary and collaborative. Much of our students’ work is designed to promote collaboration and provide the experience of working on diverse teams that is so necessary for success in today’s world.  

In this edition of Engineering News you will find many examples of courage and collaboration, as well as the other three Cs. Enjoy!

Godfrey Mungal
School of Engineering

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