Santa Clara University


Survey of Recent Graduates, Class of 2008

Purpose of Study

Santa Clara University surveyed the Class of 2008 in February 2009, approximately eight months after their graduation dates. The purpose of the study was to learn the respondents’ employment and/or graduate school status.

Statistics Available for Graduates from the School of Engineering
    89 percent of engineering respondents reported that they are employed full time.
    • 100 percent of the engineering respondents reported that they received fair to excellent preparation for success in their careers.



    The median starting income for the engineering graduate working full time is $64,000.
    • Starting incomes for engineering graduates ranged from $40,000 to $72,000.



    91 percent of engineering students who responded reported that they had obtained at least one internship during their undergraduate studies.
    • 21 percent reported obtaining three or more internships.
    • 21 percent reported obtaining two internships.
    • 49 percent reported obtaining one internship.



     67 percent of respondents reported that they obtained employment either prior to graduation or during the same term as their graduation.
    • 33 percent of the students responded that they obtained employment within one term of graduation.
    • 0 percent of the students responded that they obtained employment more than one term after graduation.



      100 percent of students who applied to graduate school reported receiving admission to at least one institution.


    Methodology and Statistical Significance of the Study
    These data were collected from graduates who began as first-time freshmen in 2004 and graduated within four years. The survey instrument was emailed to all 2008 graduates for whom we had valid e-mail addresses (95%). The response rate of 41 percent (364 respondents) yielded a profile that is representative of the Class of 2008 by sex, school/college, ethnicity/race, and grade point average.
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