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Days 3 & 4 Construction: No drama, but great results

Friday, Sep. 27, 2013

Following the dramatic impact of the first two days of construction that saw Radiant House rising from the tarmac on Solar Way, Days 3 and 4 also brought great results, but with less to show for all the hard work that is being done. Still, Dr. Hight reports that "tremendous progress has been made!" The decking continues toward completion, the south side awning is installed and providing nice shade, and the team is just waiting for contest officials to give the go-ahead so they can hook up to the grid. Nice work!

The best news, though, is that as of yesterday SCU had passed more inspections than any other team—we are #1! (...for now, at least.) Not too surprising, really; all that hands-on, project-based learning comes in handy when it's crunch time.

An example of our Broncos being able to put theory into action and use their noggins—Dr. Hight relays this story: Joe Soares '14 and Mike Holligan '14, team leads on HVAC and plumbing, wanted to check that the fire sprinkler system was working without leaks (several connections cross between the roof section and the home's three other modules). They estimated they would need up to 300 gallons of water in the supply tank to raise the water level high enough to operate the pump. The problem: water wasn't due to be delivered for several days. Serious brainstorming ensued with a number of options considered and discarded until they devised a brilliant a pipe to the inside of the supply tank at the exit point so the water would go directly to the pump line. A quick trip to Home Depot...some fun time inside the tank...and, voila!...they were able to test the fire system with under 10 gallons of water. Now, that's sustainability and Bronco engineering in action!

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