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Keeping the faith

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

So, it was a bit of a rough morning for the Broncos. Having started the day in the No. 1 spot on the leaderboard, we fell to 11th place after the results were announced for the Affordability and Market Appeal contests. We knew we would take a hit for coming in over the targeted construction cost of $250k, but were surprised that we were in the middle of the pack regarding livability/marketability/buildability. All we can say is, these juried contests are subjective, so what one might consider livable could be unappealing to another. Ah, well....

Immediately after the announcements were made, the teams had to rush back to their homes to prepare for the crowds of visitors that would come through in a steady stream all day. School buses were already lined up in the parking lot and students from elementary school through high school were eagerly making their way from house to house for their tours. It was fun to see our Santa Clara Decathletes inspiring the future generation of engineers and architects through their work. Our Broncos do us proud—they are knowledgeble, welcoming, and enthusiastic in greeting the public and sharing their passion for sustainability.

There are three more juried contests; two of which (Architecture and Communications) will be announced tomorrow morning, while the results of the Engineering contest are saved until the final moments before the overall winners for the Solar Decathlon are revealed on Saturday. Fingers crossed that we score well tomorrow—don't forget that in 2007 we started in 18th place and ended up in third! Go Broncos!

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