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First Place in Communications Contest!

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009

Yesterday, SCU+CCA Team California took first place in the Communications Contest and remained the overall leader in the Decathlon! Among other accolades, our team was commended for their ability to engage different audiences, for the excellent educational experience they provide, and for their strong (and easily navigable) website. Watch this fun video of the announcement - the team is visibly shocked when their name is called!

So, three contests down, seven to go and the excitement is building as we approach the end of the competition on Friday. Today, the houses are closed to the public as measurements for hot water, comfort zone, appliances, home entertainment and net metering are taken. This gives some of the students a chance to catch their breath, unwind a bit, and rest their voices - welcoming over 3,000 visitors to your home per day is taxing! It won't be too restful, though,as they will meet in the morning with pols on Capitol Hill, spreading the word about sustainability and clean energy.

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