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Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Engineers Without Borders Santa Clara University is a student run
organization working to collaborate with local partners to design and
implement sustainable engineering projects while also creating
transformative experiences and responsible leaders. Currently we are
working with the community of El Pital in Honduras to provide reliable
access to potable water. The long term goal for our club is to assist and
empower the community to become self-sufficient, economically secure,
and sustainable. We are working towards educating the community on all
facets of proving clean drinking water which includes potable water treatment,
sanitation, system maintenance, water conservation and hygiene.
Events, Activities & Educational Outreach
  • Water Distribution project
  • Canasta project
  • Honduran Culture Night
  • General Meetings
  • Field trips
  • Honduras trip
  • Barbeques

President: Mohit Nalavadi
Faculty Advisor: Tonya Nilsson
Organization Contact Email:
President Email:

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